Embodying the ethos that everything is inherent to our wellbeing

The Leeu Collection and Vana share intrinsic features, one of which is the upholding of world-class standards in every sphere of operation.

The Leeu Collection, an international portfolio of luxurious lifestyle hotels and gourmet venues, was founded by Analjit Singh. His son, Veer, created a holistic retreat on his home continent. Both this and the Leeu venues reflect the belief that everything contributes to one’s wellbeing, be it architecture and design, nature, art, even cuisine, and these elements are chosen to evoke equilibrium, respect ecology and be in harmony with nature.

Visitors from all over the world head to Vana, a beautiful and serene destination in Dehradun in northern India. Here Veer has created a sublime retreat where guests embark on a personalised journey tailored to suit their needs and preferences.

In South Africa, Analjit’s portfolio of luxurious lifestyle hotels and epicurean venues in and around Franschhoek has achieved iconic status, while the addition of Linthwaite House in the scenic English Lake District adds another acclaimed destination for discriminating international travellers.

Both father and son possess a meticulous sense of detail that comes from personal discipline and practice but also reflects a motivation to always do the best they can for everyone and the environment. The shared ethos in the approach and attributes of these venues to which discerning guests across the globe are drawn highlights their special relationship.

Analjit has this to say about Vana:

“Generally I am loath to use the expression ‘world-class’ as it is too commonly applied. But Vana is for real, as Veer has focused and epitomised the creation of such a destination. Do experience it!”

Veer has this to say about the synchronicity between the two entities:

“Vana and the Leeu Collection have most certainly both been a labour of love. Another quality that connects them is that they attract and inspire similar sorts of people – the wellness seeker, the more aware and discerning, and those looking for something more than just another holiday. Like Vana, Leeu stitches together a wonderful myriad of offerings, places and people – and the evolution and innovation never stop!”

Guests at both destinations are asking for more information about the other, which they can access online below.

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